G Host business hosting

We tried a bunch of different host and servers for business and some personal space. Some of them charged enough to make the bank account cry, had downtime, bad customer service, or other problems that they didn’t list as part of their “deal”.

Most of the free sites were good for personall use if you dont mind looking amature and having a hard to remimber address. Some place ads on the page, have content restrictions, limited space, and no features like E-Mail or file hosting.

For the business ventures we needed a commerce solution that would not take half the profits just to process payments. We needed to host files for customer download, supply E-Mail for employees, keep inventory paperwork and add on services as needed.

We have multiple ventures that we can use to compare cost, service, and quality. We went with multiple host, programs, packages, and solutions. This approach allowed us to research and compare the competition in the hosting market.

Our best hosting service was tied between 2 companies G-Host and ProxyHost, The services and packages were almost the same and the prices only diffrent by a few cents.

We are currently using G-Host for our main business hosting and have gotten several upgrades as the business has grown.


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