Gaming controller review

I sometimes spend 20-30 hours a week playing games – In my defense it is better then watching most TV

I have tried / destroyed a lot of various controllers and sticks over the years.

The worst – any wireless or retractable cable styles

The best is a PlayStation 2 controller with a USB adapter, I also like the XBOX controller with the keyboard attachment but the extra cost of adapter is up to you. I kinda like be able to type with my thumbs and use hotkeys while leaning back in my chair but the key polling is a little slow.
The 2nd best is the logitech dual action – and it is cheaper then the PS2 + adapter


Mine is a little modified – so don’t expect the damage or art.

I currently use the logitech – get em at gamestop or on the web – I set em up for 16 controls and 2 sticks to steer
with one button as “shift” so I can use another 13 commands, this frees up my keyboard for macros and commands.

there is several games that don’t accept keypads, but I have yet to find one that I cant hack or figure out.

Start with “joycur” written in German but fairly easy to figure out


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