My early methods

Personal notes on early lucid dreaming methods
A nap a few hours after waking is one of the best times i found initially for lucid dreams however this also usually threw off my sleep schedule a bit. For quite some time I would get up about 2 hours early, shower, layout clothes and then go back to bed for about an hour and a half with great success. At the time I didn’t know the term lucid dreaming or done any reading or research into the subject. I had noticed patterns with being woken up early by dogs barking or to grab a snack in the night was usually followed by a vivid or lucid dreams. Also the interrupted dreams were often easy to remember and make a dream journal entry.
When I started to notice the pattern I started to attempt to repeat the effects and still to this day set multiple alarms sometimes going for a snack or others just to roll over and make a dream log entry and sometimes to jot down an idea. I then will return to bed and lay comfortably as I think of a previous dream or imagine a landscape for a new one that often becomes the playground of a lucid dream.  I didn’t know at the time that this was practicing two variations of common techniques, W.B.T.B.(wake back to bed)  and C.A.T. (cycle adjustment technique).

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