Lucid Dreaming: Binaural beats

Relaxation and brain wave manipulation

Binaural beats

Binaural beats or tones were discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove but didn’t gain much public awareness until the late twentieth century based on claims that the effect could influence brain waves and induce relaxation, creativity, meditation and other desired effects. the effect on brain waves depends on the frequency produced by the difference in auditory frequencies. for example if 510 hz is played in one ear and 500hz played in the other the brain would perceive 10hz and the produced frequency of the binaural beat would be 10 hz and activate and reinforce the area affected by 10hz.

The brain makes a phenomenon that results in low amplitude in areas of the brain when two sounds at different tones at slightly different frequencies are introduced separately, one to each ear using headphones or similar devices capable of delivering exact sounds at once. This effect is altered if used through speakers because of the difference in distance and a slight doppler effect that changes sound according to distance. Research shows that the difference between the sounds must be under 1,000 hertz for the beat to be noticeable but less than 30 hertz for there to be a noticeable effect.

There have been claims regarding the use of binaural beats to simulate the effects of recreational drugs, help memorize, stop habits, tackle dysfunctions and improve athletic performance. in a blind study 7hz was found to enhance meditation while 15hz harmed focus.

This may seem somewhat deep, but hang in there.human hearing is 20-20,000hz. Human brainwaves are below 40 hz down to about 4 hz or less. human brain waves at 40 hz and below have been produced by binaural beats and measured scientifically. When the beat frequency is in the range of the delta,theta,beta,alpha, or gamma range of brainwave frequencies, the brainwaves entrain to or move towards the beat frequency.

By my simple conclusion and research the brain becomes more acceptable over time with use to manipulation by binaural beats and thus manipulation.

via Lucid Dreaming: Binaural beats.


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