Lucid Dreaming: Dream control – flying

Flying Like Neo

I know people that in their first few lucid dreams could just take off like a rocket and have great flight control at first, that wasn’t the case for me. My first few flights had me taking off only to lose control and end up tangled in a big oak tree and once even unable to come down from the ceiling of a room. Other times I had no altitude control and could only hover or do something close to moon jumps. Is there a secret or trick to lucid dream flight? I think so. Training and control of the dream.

To try anything against the laws of physics in a dream that you don’t have full control of seldom works because of the result the mind expects results that then gets projected as reality within the dream. Without full control you can’t break the laws of perceived physics and throw a car (because of perceived weight), Invent items, sculpt a scene, create characters, or fly.

First you must follow the steps and do reality checks to tell your brain that physics no longer apply. I often do this several times in a dream getting more and more extreme. from the point I pushed my pen through the desk I may know it is a dream and move up the scale of lifting my desk with one hand to walking through walls and changing the color of the sky. I start to pay attention to detail and my mind keeps confirming that the normal rules do not apply any longer and also that I am in control. These reality checks tell my brain I am dreaming and reinforce the fact that physics no longer apply in the dreamscape.

Start testing gravity by running and jumping. Jumping can often result in maintaining velocity but just hovering along. You can touch down anytime just by reaching downward with a foot and picturing contact with the ground. An occasional grounding can help with fear of heights, losing control and to reassure that you are OK and safe.

Next would be the high jump with increasing height and distance. You can start with a car or fence and move up to trees and buildings. Bridges, city blocks, lakes, and soon skyscrapers become easy.

If you get caught in a hover or start with one it is a good thing. Start to play with the hovor and feel for the control as you stretch limits. Move left, right, up, down, forward and back to reassure your own control.start with a few inches the on to a few feet. With confidence building you will soon be above the clouds or rocketing along the landscape with the precision of a missile.

The best practice I have found was when I would fly between

planets and among the cosmos.

Barren planets can be explored and used as your own private training ground. lightyears become blinks when the speck of a star zooms into a solar system and you touch down on an alien planet seconds after leaving the ground.

My experiences have been great and I fly in almost every lucid dream. There has been superman and matrix style but also I have crashed through trees and powerlines when I didn’t have full control. My first lucid dreams as a child were triggered by flight induced by jumping while running but I wouldn’t come back down and continued to fly.

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