Lucid Dreaming: Dream signs and triggers

Signs, Themes and triggers

Most experienced lucid dreamers use dream signs and themes as triggers to recognize they are dreaming.Once the recognition is in place you become spontaneously lucid to some extent and that can be reinforced through further exercises.The triggers become recognised by the brain and cause the rationality of the trigger to become “This is a dream”.

With more attention and practice it becomes habit and the more they will be noticed and trigger a lucid dream night after night and often several times per night.

Dream Signs

So what is a dream sign? People with wings, talking items and creatures, deceased people, flying, wrong reflections in mirrors, changing text and clocks, pushing your hand through a wall, and countless others. Basicly a dream sign is something that breaks the laws of reality as we know it and signals that this is dream physics.

via Lucid Dreaming: Dream signs and triggers.

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