Lucid Dreaming: Super power test

Tools – Super power test (reality check)

I perform reality test regularly throughout my day every day. I use small notes on my wall, in the car, my computer monitor and when I see it I try to push my right index finger through an object and check my watch (digital watches seldom show correct in dreams). With enough practice,you will automatically remember it during your dreams and phase into lucid dreams.

I like to call these my super power test because of my concept that how can you know you don’t have super powers if you have never even tried to use them because of logic and physics. I imagine a grown man being told he could fly or walk through walls by a doctor and being asked why he had never done it, only to reply he never tried.

I do this regularly and quite often it is the initial trigger that gives me control of dream when I do a check and push a pen through my notebook or my finger through my phone. The small motions seem to work best and can be done without anyone noticing. I started with my watch chiming on the hour and I would perform a test. Now I test anytime I have a fork, pen, or other object in my hand. I don’t just lean or sit on an object – I will try to bend push and lift objects that physically can’t be done. It can be as simple as dropping a piece of trash or my favorite, a small random skip when no one is watching. The small random skip has resulted in a flying dream more than once.

Reality checks and dream signs.

With the combination of tools you can learn to do several reality checks any time a dream sign or something out of the ordinary is seen or happens. I seem to end up doing this a lot around Halloween and if shopping very early in the morning. The reality check can confirm a that you are dreaming and becomes a very strong tool for reinforcing and stabilizing the dream world.

When in a dream a reality check is very important for stabilizing a dream and keeping control of a lucid dream if it starts to slip or become fuzzy.

I have the almost constant habit of doing noticeable reality checks when around people after many years of practice and go from a vivid dream to a lucid dream with complete control with a reality check being my most common trigger. Many sources say to do them on a set time schedule or when you notice something out of the ordinary but I have triggered lucidity in a dream when I did a reality check out of habit and everything around me seemed normal. The first time this happened happened to be when sitting at my computer I went to put out a finished cigarette. Over the years when I use a tool such as a fork or pen I will try to slightly push it through an object without the notice of anyone around me and this habit seems to have carried over into my smoking habit. The first time I did this totally habit reality check and noticed I was doing it was when it succeeded and I followed it up with other reality checks that all succeeded. I did not actually expect it to work because I was perceiving everything around me as normal and had not heard my watch chime (the watch chime used to trigger a reality check for me). The normal triggers for a reality test would have failed because I had no reason to even conduct a test. After the success of the almost constant test by habit I have increased it and had more success. I still do a check when something seems strange but I no longer worry about setting a timed test because I now test several times an hour when awake and hopefully more than that when asleep. Many habits carry over into sleep also.

I have a theory that over time your brain will become accustomed to the response of a test and become slightly numb to the repeated results. After so many repeated results it may project this into a dream and give you a real result even in a dream much like most of my dream characters will tell me i’m not dreaming if asked. This conclusion has led my to slightly alter my strategy over time and incorporate new test and alter old ones slightly. I often change up test and try new things such as I recently started checking pens to see if they warp like rubber with slight pressure, when I pick up a bottle or can I try to insert my thumb into it or apply slight pressure to warp it. These test go unnoticed by others and give me a few extra things to watch for.

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