combined technology

I have always tried to combine the technology I can afford to create things out of my financial reach and on occasion have had great success. I have used a webcam and facial recognition software to control a video game recently started using one of my old phones as a touch pad and remote control for my computer. The project of using an office overhead projector as a computer monitor and movie screen in my living room was quite successful and few people I knew at the time had even considered replacing an $800 television with a $500 projector.

I have since upgraded a bit and can play games in 3-D with glasses. My next step on that line is to not need the glasses but that may rely on some technology I am unaware of.  I have had several successes in combining technology for my own personal reasons but there has been failures also. I have had computers almost melt down, phones that I “bricked”(made useless), and broken tools.

Overall I have learned, and that was my goal.

Perhaps the most important goal I have in life is a thirst to understand and learn.


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