Advertising in a MMOG (A massively multiplayer online game)


Over the years I have played several games that had selectable clothing and gear.  The gear and billboards always have generic content so the game company cant get sued and to me that just seemed stupid.

Why not sell that billboard space in the game to real advertisers. Some in game billboards get higher traffic then the real world counter parts.
I see in game billboards as just a starting point. There is store fronts, virtual clothing, gear, and even franchise stores in the games. Some of the games have millions of players on a daily basis and that is a huge selling point for advertisers.

When servers go down and games get cancelled it is usually a lack of funds and advertising could be used to keep servers up. The game companies don’t even advertise their own products in-game. A gamer that sees the same fast food restaurant or pizza delivery service in their favorite game may place an order.
As much as I don’t like having advertisements shoved down my throat, why not use real ones since I have to look at fake ones in the games anyway. Perhaps the companies don’t pay enough attention to revenue options. That would explain the sudden demise of several game companies this year.

Perhaps I should open a virtual advertising company. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Advertising in a MMOG (A massively multiplayer online game)

  1. Since i agreed with your post (one of the posts?) concerning how you felt about ‘real’ advertising i’m kind of in two minds here, but i’m more inclined to say…
    Go for it!, in fact if you need a partner in the virtual advertising game…. 😉

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