The social competition rant

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Television is something I generally avoid and can go weeks without even turning one on while there is many people that seldom have one turned off.
Once I accepted that people were going to view me as different it became quite liberating. Why should I try to fit in a mold if I don’t want to be the product of that mold. I don’t have to wear clothes that I don’t like or buy products to impress or keep up with anyone. With the sudden realization at an early age that I did not want to be in the social standing competition that I could never win, I started to become me. I will not pay extra for things I don’t want, I buy things that I have researched, and I seldom waste time on activities that are designed to waste my time.

I despise commercials, billboards, and wearing logos for free.

That shoe company will pay someone to wear their shirt, then charge me extra for a t shirt with their logo. To me that’s just me paying some sports star instead of having money for 2 shirts that I actually wanted. I have in the past been given a gift-card to a high end brand-name store and went to the store just to discover that there was almost nothing I wanted in the whole store. I see no reason for me to pay the extra price so they can afford to buy commercials and try and sell me more things I don’t want.

As a general rule I have discovered that almost anything I see on a commercial or in an add will not increase my quality of life. The usual difference in price on most products is what was spent on advertising. I recently discovered that a pair of boots I wanted just had a fancy metal label on them but were actually the same off brand boot I could buy at any lower end outlet. The 2 pairs of boots came from the same company overseas but one of them cost $50 more because of a $3 metal tag and the idea that that logo would make the wearer a better person or something similar.

I enjoy being me and watching society around me with a sense of wonder at times. What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “The social competition rant

  1. As a general rule I have discovered that almost anything I see on a commercial or in an add will not increase my quality of life.

    Gold! Pure Gold, i tells ya! 😉

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