Those neat little containers

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In my own personal areas outside the public view I tend to do things in a way that makes sense to me but I understand how people view someone stepping across the lines of what they may perceive as normal so I restrict my labeling of drawers, hanging items on the wall, putting things in plastic drawer sets or the little plastic food containers that I find so handy.
I originally bought several of the clear plastic containers that seem to be about sandwich size to help me sort and find my art supplies and pens. This soon turned into having them in my toolbox, kitchen cabinets, office and anywhere else I deemed necessary. They seem to sprout labels quite often and I even have one labeled labeling that contains paint markers, labels, and scissors for cutting the labels to size. I like the idea that a stranger in my house can find what they seek and so can I in a hurry. There is a great reduction in time wasted when there is something I seek. Items have slowly migrated to the area they are used in and now the “junk drawer” is slowly becoming extinct.

For everything should have a place is a nice concept but The biggest problem seems to be the human.


4 thoughts on “Those neat little containers

  1. The biggest problem seems to be the human – i may just have to get that printed up and use it as my personal motto… you don’t have copyright – do you? 🙂

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