My ear plug head phones

When I was adventuring around Lake Charles ,La and also in Milwaukee WI, I was in possession of only what would fit in my back pack. This is when I discovered that music was what made my days better and I listened to it 24 hours a day. I had a mix for everything. In almost any environment it seems I tend to survive and the first step in a city is usually to secure an income. As it turns out – most places that fit my skill sets don’t allow head phones but require earplugs.

The idea was born. I started to seek out the smallest ear buds I could find and routed the cords down the back of my shirt and to my pocket where they would be connected to my music player. I tested markers, paints, and different methods for making matching wires that would appear to be earplug cords. I took apart headphones and used epoxy molds to make the earplug shapes. I buried electronics inside hollowed out earplugs and these methods worked for over 10 years.


While my coworkers were having miserable days listening to machines and thinking about misery and jobs they hated – I was loving life and having a great time while giving out top notch performance thanks to my own personal soundtrack. As my life evolved and pay scales tripled, this method still serves me well.

Now I buy my headphone / earplugs online for about 20$ and that actually saves me a tremendous amount of time and money but the concept still serves me quite well to this day.

Today at work as my boss was giving me a speech, I could hear the Front Line Assembly song in the background. When I was operating a crane, Entering data on a touch screen, and washing ink off my hands with explosive chemicals, there was music. Sweeping can be fun with a good tune in the background.

Out of all the discoveries in my life, perhaps the effect of music making hard work enjoyable has benefited me the most.


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