Effecient living based on industrial effeciency

I recently used the “5-S” system on my workshop and tool box to great effect. The most effective part (without describing the 5-S system) was to label and get rid of duplicates. I gathered duplicate tools and after separating a house, shop, and mobile tool set – I still had extras. The extras went into a donation box and will be distributed to people I know who want and need the tools.

I continued the system of labeling drawers, cabinets, and containers through out the house and now anyone can find things, even me. The labeling immediately helped me sort through boxes from moving since everything has a place. I continued by buying plastic drawer containers in several sizes and as I sorted I ended up changing some items to larger drawers (such as USB cords) and some items to smaller drawers (such as basic markers).

I started putting tools and items to where I use them such as: Snow shovel hangs on the wall outside the door, tinfoil above the stove, coffee cups above the coffee pot, and other common sense I have obviously never had. I used to walk across the kitchen to get a cup and then back to thew office pot. Saved about 20 seconds a day. s0 second a day doesn’t seem like much until you realize its 2 hours a year.  50 such changes by saving time looking for things or saving time in general is more then four extra days and considering sleep that equals about 7.5 days a year or a entry level vacation.

It may sound odd – but this is coming from me. Those few second a day start to add up, and so does my “free time”. More4 time for projects and hobbies that will lead to financial and location independence. It seems to me that those who try to change – eventually change. The key to success is hard work and looking for success. Perhaps sucess is based on ideas and ambition and it happens I know I many people with a surplus of both.

Personally I refuse to sit at the level I am at, I know I am worth just much as people born with millions and could perhaps manage the resources better.


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