Just a thought on thoughts

I was sitting here doing some research for a science fiction story I am writing when I came to the realization some of the items in the story are destined to exist and could actually be made now. The items are mostly military gear but some of the things I envisioned are just house hold items that people need but don’t realize it yet. Things like a microwave or thermostat that you wouldn’t miss if they didn’t exist but now that you have them and are accustomed to having them around, you think they are a need and life is just not the same without them.


The Glasses

The most used item that I think I need now is similar to the “Google glass” project. A pair of glasses that gives one a virtual overlay of real life. With the dual lenses and retina tracking one would have a stereoscopic or 3-D overlay of the world around them. The data available for display is endless. By turning complex surfaces such as brick walls and grass into simple colors or textures, the processing load of the brain is reduced and more important sights become more focused. A good example of this would be to simplify the landscape when driving but keep the road and other vehicles in focus. The military application would of coarse be far more advanced as the solider would see movements and have sounds triangulated and displayed. Perhaps display overlays of heat and location of squad members on the satellite map as well as overlapped into the real world. When systems would link together and send data to a central system, 3-d maps of the area would be rendered with blind spots highlighted to be scouted by a unit member or drone.

The glasses are something I see as common place very soon considering all of the technology exist for low cost and the most important parts are already within your cell phone.

Just something I have been thinking about but don’t have the funds or time to invest in research and development but perhaps an engineer or programmer might. It would seem that ideas well outside my range seem to come to me quite often and perhaps one day I will have the funds to develop some of them. I have seen some of my bright ideas from past years go on to become million dollar ideas years later and I have even bought the products. It seems far to common for me to find a new product just to remimber writing in my journal or one of idea books about the exact same idea but years ago.

Perhaps someone will teach me how a financially struggling individual such as myself may pay the bills with great ideas rather then slaving away in factories where my ideas are misunderstood or laughed off until a coworker sees a product 10 years later and then remembers the idea. Time to stop this note so I can do some research.



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