Just a monkey

 Today I was reassigned to a job that I think a monkey could do. In the process I looked at the machines and my mind disassembled them and figured out the placement of sensors and computer controls while looking for design flaws. There was a tremendous amount of wasted steps and movements among the various jobs. Much twisting, bending, and walking that is not really required.

 As the machine went down several times, I noticed there was a mindset of just try it again. There was no taking notes or seeking solutions for repeated problems and when it came time for shift change – the same problems just carried along. 4 hours of production in a 12 hour shift. There seems to be quite a few company problems but the monkey will just continue to do the monkey job. I made my own notes and perhaps they will help me one day.


12 hour daze

Well it happens that since my recent circumstances and challenges – I have managed to slowly get back on a path of my choosing. Now after a 7 day week of 12 hour daze I have not made many post, or done much else beside working.

I have managed to work on my bike after downloading the information I needed to tune it and bringing the tools together. I had it running for the first time in 2 years to the dismay of my neighbors. It would seem that an older Harley with no mufflers make quite a bit of racket but I personally find the sound or rumble quite satisfying, but that is the opinion of the guy who has spent a lot of hours working on the bike.


Since losing my vehicle and job while also having broken ribs and other injuries, I have managed to get an income with a company that bases advancement on skill rather then time in service. It seems to be an environment I can excel in until I work for myself. I am still working on my projects and still have a huge lack of funding but I am doing research and slowly setting up long term plans for kickstarter and other funding options. I am lacking 3-D models and I am working on the pitch and max output for my input. Until a launch I guess I am just talking as many people do. There is the talkers and the doers and I know my place at this time. The notebooks, files, and ideas now need models and prototypes so that is my current financial barrier. Hopefully my ideas will not be released by others before me as I have seen done so many times but my low income life seems to be a barrier sometimes. My number one project has been seeking “feeder” projects because of the 20k$ needed for development but eventually I will find it or a better one. –


Off to work