Yet another 12 hour day. Working 9 in a row to help catch up on bills and perhaps get hot water connected again.

The cold showers are like torture but when I come home in clothes stiff from the salt deposits of sweat, A shower is required.  I try to slam through the training at work but sometimes the heat is just so much that it seems my brain ceases to function. It was 104 degrees Monday and I drank a 12 pack of water but still had symptoms of dehydration. perhaps more water may help that.

 The overtime is required to the logic part of my brain. If you are deep in dept…….earn more.  That seems to be the only answer I have available at the time. I work at least 6 days a week for 12 hours with the hope of having all basic utilities and then on to other goals like a vehicle.  I have many goals but since my car crash and quite awhile without income I am in basic survival mode before projects and investments are even an option.

Perhaps this is some sort of cosmic test or restriction to see the results or temper me, either way I am on my way to survival and reaching goals and will learn lessons from the hardship. I find there is something to learn from every hardship an situation life seems to throw my way.




 So life has hit a critical point. Basic comforts are endangered.

The question to myself is weather or not to kick in my emergency plan at this point. The plan means to move to a solid logic internal operating system that is socially incompatible with society but gets results. Emotion is irrelevant when solid logic is all that matters, the income increases, the behavior and appearance becomes different and even strange to social circles but the goal is reached at the sacrifice of social standings. 

Perhaps I have answered the question my self. Social outlook is low priority compared to comfort and income. I can wear cargo pants or fatigues for function, have “multi tools” on my belt, pass company test and further my education, sacrifice social appearance for function and have a better chance of sucess.  perhaps the lowest paid guy in management has a more comfortable life then the most popular worker.

Depends on values I guess……or logic.