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Yet another day training a new guy. The new guy yet I am training other employees. I struggle to get the information I seek from those above me. I would like books and manuals, a structured training, and even a better checklist of task and skills.  A list for the one I train and for me.

I do not agree with the universal uniform, My employees would have rank and insignia displayed for knowledge and experience to aid in training and conflicts. A list of what I should teach and learn – for every rank would be helpful. I learn what I can on overtime shifts and outside work, I don’t believe that is how it should be – make a mentor system, make better instructions, let me know what the company wants and I will exceed but tell me nothing and expect that. I have borrowed and stolen books while asking friends for help and manuals to some extent of help but it seems that shouldn’t be my job. Perhaps I sho9uld change my path.


All joys are not equal

A post from a close friend that captured my attention this morning

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03 August 2013
   I’m sitting back contemplating how stupid it is of me to feel sorrowful that my life knows joy but I choose to apply it upon a scale. While it is true having my present life be different could be seen as exuberant bliss – only an idiot fails to see that it could just as statistically be seen as immensely foreboding. The life I have chosen is harsh by the standards of most. At the same time I have found those which have expressed envy to a degree. The saddest part of it all is where I am today is quite simply the positioning to perform a test of resiliency of personal strength, values, and beliefs. Get this part for it is the most important: the test was not only upon these within myself, but for those around me as well. I kept score, that can…

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