All joys are not equal

A post from a close friend that captured my attention this morning

rhettbbutler's Blog

03 August 2013
   I’m sitting back contemplating how stupid it is of me to feel sorrowful that my life knows joy but I choose to apply it upon a scale. While it is true having my present life be different could be seen as exuberant bliss – only an idiot fails to see that it could just as statistically be seen as immensely foreboding. The life I have chosen is harsh by the standards of most. At the same time I have found those which have expressed envy to a degree. The saddest part of it all is where I am today is quite simply the positioning to perform a test of resiliency of personal strength, values, and beliefs. Get this part for it is the most important: the test was not only upon these within myself, but for those around me as well. I kept score, that can…

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