Projects on the back burner

Magnetic vortex generator-Magnets positioned in rings so as to create a vortex magnetic feild driving a shaft resting on magnetic field bearings. Disc on the shaft have rings of magnets passing stationary coils that cointain magnetic balls. As balls flip inside coil, current is generated in coil.

Sterling engine generator – sterling engine turns disc with magnets that effect stationary coils with ball magnets inside or cylinder magnets inside stationary coils.

Magnet generator- disc/coil idea once tested with one disc could become an array of disc on a longer shaft with higher output. driven by any rotational force (magnetic vortex, wind turbine, sterlig engine, etc.)

Capture heat energy- run pipes or radiator inside chimney-drive sterling, steam,turbine,etc.

Welding light – mount solar panels in exhaust hood, weld booths, and in other exposed welding areas.

Thats the projects I can publish. Most of my projects are not ready for public consumption.