The guy at the keyboard

I spent the first part of my life growing up in Louisiana and have since migrated north to land in Wisconsin. I have developed a very wide range of interest over the years mostly focused on self improvement. Growing up in a very low income area had the effect of me focusing on ways to improve myself and the environment around me. My family did not own a television for most of my childhood and this slot was filled by books and art. We would go the public library and get the 3 books a week I was allowed and often my father would check out his maximum allowance of books that I had asked him to get for me. I never recall returning a book that I hadn’t read and usually I had finished my stack by Wednesday  or so.   I still have the same behavior but with the mutation of taking notes on a tiny notepad or my phone when a subject sparks my curiosity. The internet has replaced most books for me and I set aside time each week for research on my ever growing list of thing I want to have knowledge of.

I started using the scientific approach to a lot of my problems as a child and would run test on many aspects of my life. I started collecting data and conducting experiments on dreams, diet, job markets, social networks, and almost everything that effected my daily life.  This continuous research has led to mountains of data over the years on many subjects that I hard time finding data for. Many of the conclusions I came to led to a better quality of life and that was all the payoff I really wanted.

There was no intent of becoming a self taught scientist or engineer that I recall but life often has its own little plan that doesn’t quite make sense until we look back it.


I am currently employed in the printing industry with a world class company to fund my personal projects and experiments. In my spare time I write, create digital products, and usually have several projects in the works.


2 thoughts on “The guy at the keyboard

  1. I’ve linked your blog over at mine and letting you know as a courtesy.

    If you prefer not to be so linked, drop me a line!

    I also reflected your perspective on the human problem in my blog subtitle… feels about right to me. 🙂

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