better dream recall

1.Lay still when you wake and think of the dream details.

2.When you do awake you must prevent the days activities and plans from shutting down the memories before you can record them. Focus on the dream and replay it in memory and let it come into focus. An interruption may cause it to leave like a bursted balloon leaving only a tiny fragment of what was once huge.

3,Make a list of things, people, places, smells, taste, objects, places, and any other detail. Than actions like driving, flying, cooking, swimming and such. I used to print a sheets for my dream journal with a custom list and I highly recommend doing the same. In many sleep and dream laboratory environments the subjects are given verbal or written questions just for this purpose.

4.Remind yourself to remember. This can be done with a note next to the bed, a phone alarm, making a journal entry the night before or just saying I will remember this quietly before going to sleep. My note is a simple “DREAM?” on the front of my lamp where it is the first thing I see.

5.Interruption is one of the best ways and usually the dreams most people remember anyway. This is usually found between hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock or just about anything else that interrupts a sleep cycle quickly. The alarm clock method seems to work great for almost everyone.


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