Project box


The box is an old metal box that was being discarded at work so I got permission to keep it.  Sanded ,painted, and started painting and drawing on it. I used gel pens, fingernail polish that I thinned and started to use a cotton swab for shading but didn’t like the effect.  I trimmed around the edges to cover where I hit the sharp corners with a grinder.

I currently use the box for drafting pens and some small art supplies.


Old notepad cover


As I was digging through some of my old journals and scanning them I discovered this one from 2002. I would draw inside the cover of the notebook during my 1 hour of bus time every day on the way to work. I do not recommend doing detailed art in a moving vehicle that makes frequent stops.  The notebook is a 3×5 and just the right size for a jacket pocket.