Rotational Molding

I am slowly getting back on track after losing almost everything. The distroyed vehicle has been replaced by a vehicle that fit my needs for the moment. I have started at a job that I may retire from if none of my plans work out to pay more.

Spare time is now spent doing research and with family. When the family is asleep I dig into information on magnetics, sound, CNC machines, and listen to college lectures or TED talks for intertainment and inspiration for my rapidly growing notebook. There seems to be an abundance of physics notes and quick sketches of ideas that I can not currently afford to play with. With an expiremental lab in the works and slowly gaining capability, some test are underway. Shhhhhh.



press assistant

thought soup 2

Yet another day training a new guy. The new guy yet I am training other employees. I struggle to get the information I seek from those above me. I would like books and manuals, a structured training, and even a better checklist of task and skills.  A list for the one I train and for me.

I do not agree with the universal uniform, My employees would have rank and insignia displayed for knowledge and experience to aid in training and conflicts. A list of what I should teach and learn – for every rank would be helpful. I learn what I can on overtime shifts and outside work, I don’t believe that is how it should be – make a mentor system, make better instructions, let me know what the company wants and I will exceed but tell me nothing and expect that. I have borrowed and stolen books while asking friends for help and manuals to some extent of help but it seems that shouldn’t be my job. Perhaps I sho9uld change my path.

Sometimes – random words n such

Sometimes when my aura covers a several state area in the electric bubble form drawing energy to me, I can feel the energy being collected as my body hair stands on end. I have noticed that this effect happens the most on low humidity nights with a temperature below about 65. I am fully aware that my perception is abnormal, that is not to say better or worse then most human senses, just different. We all seem to feel a little different from time to time and I am no exception. Apparently feeling different is normal, isn’t that a twist. If everyone is different and different is normal then whats the difference?

I picture my aura as a baby blue field of electric current that the largest bolts connect to my head and torso. The range can be constricted and expanded at will and I usually keep it close to me or buried inside me for fear of attracting attention. I will not go into detail of what attention I may attract here but rather on the fact that with practice I have learned to make it (or imagine it) to expand at my will. The view of the reader may differ greatly from my own but judgement doesn’t really worry me too much or I wouldn’t make this post. I have noticed that the electric aura tends to get some interference from storm clouds in the form of becoming more defined. This increase in definition may be due to positive and negative ions or electrons both of which also effect peoples behavior and serotonin levels, thus the full moon effect and people enjoying thunder storms. I know many such people and the effect of the home ion generators may effect them adversely but well funded research would be needed to prove that theory. Perhaps I just have a touch of “the madness” that the hatter spoke of.

I have recently been accused of a varity of madness by some of the arm chair psychatrist in my friends list whom have gotten most of their experiencs and knowledge while being diagnosed with a wide variety of disorders. However due to the diagnosis I finally have that feeling of fitting in with the 99% of society who is easily diagnosed with such madness and that feeling almost lasted the time it took me to eat a sandwich. Now I consider it a compliment as most of the most famous inventors and grat minds in history were often considered and accused of being mad.

Alice Kingslay (Alice in wonderland: Lewis Carroll):” You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”2012-06-09_15-45-05_295

magic coffie filters

An awesome start to the day. Inside the kitchen I discovered a critical lack of coffee in the coffee pot. The decision was quickly made to start the little chemistry set called a coffee maker by installing the water and ground coffee bean fragments.
1st I poured the carefully measured amount of water into the water tank and then removed the old filter and used coffee grounds. When I opened the cabinet above the coffee pot to retrieve a new filter, a single filter fell from the cabinet and landed almost perfectly inside the filter holder of the coffee pot. It was as if some magical hand was helping me out.
I stated out load and to no one in particular, “the force is with me this day”. I continued through the morning ritual and then back to the lab for more research but the day has seemed to go quite well with the magic filter incidence as a starter.

Just a thought on thoughts

I was sitting here doing some research for a science fiction story I am writing when I came to the realization some of the items in the story are destined to exist and could actually be made now. The items are mostly military gear but some of the things I envisioned are just house hold items that people need but don’t realize it yet. Things like a microwave or thermostat that you wouldn’t miss if they didn’t exist but now that you have them and are accustomed to having them around, you think they are a need and life is just not the same without them.


The Glasses

The most used item that I think I need now is similar to the “Google glass” project. A pair of glasses that gives one a virtual overlay of real life. With the dual lenses and retina tracking one would have a stereoscopic or 3-D overlay of the world around them. The data available for display is endless. By turning complex surfaces such as brick walls and grass into simple colors or textures, the processing load of the brain is reduced and more important sights become more focused. A good example of this would be to simplify the landscape when driving but keep the road and other vehicles in focus. The military application would of coarse be far more advanced as the solider would see movements and have sounds triangulated and displayed. Perhaps display overlays of heat and location of squad members on the satellite map as well as overlapped into the real world. When systems would link together and send data to a central system, 3-d maps of the area would be rendered with blind spots highlighted to be scouted by a unit member or drone.

The glasses are something I see as common place very soon considering all of the technology exist for low cost and the most important parts are already within your cell phone.

Just something I have been thinking about but don’t have the funds or time to invest in research and development but perhaps an engineer or programmer might. It would seem that ideas well outside my range seem to come to me quite often and perhaps one day I will have the funds to develop some of them. I have seen some of my bright ideas from past years go on to become million dollar ideas years later and I have even bought the products. It seems far to common for me to find a new product just to remimber writing in my journal or one of idea books about the exact same idea but years ago.

Perhaps someone will teach me how a financially struggling individual such as myself may pay the bills with great ideas rather then slaving away in factories where my ideas are misunderstood or laughed off until a coworker sees a product 10 years later and then remembers the idea. Time to stop this note so I can do some research.


My ear plug head phones

When I was adventuring around Lake Charles ,La and also in Milwaukee WI, I was in possession of only what would fit in my back pack. This is when I discovered that music was what made my days better and I listened to it 24 hours a day. I had a mix for everything. In almost any environment it seems I tend to survive and the first step in a city is usually to secure an income. As it turns out – most places that fit my skill sets don’t allow head phones but require earplugs.

The idea was born. I started to seek out the smallest ear buds I could find and routed the cords down the back of my shirt and to my pocket where they would be connected to my music player. I tested markers, paints, and different methods for making matching wires that would appear to be earplug cords. I took apart headphones and used epoxy molds to make the earplug shapes. I buried electronics inside hollowed out earplugs and these methods worked for over 10 years.


While my coworkers were having miserable days listening to machines and thinking about misery and jobs they hated – I was loving life and having a great time while giving out top notch performance thanks to my own personal soundtrack. As my life evolved and pay scales tripled, this method still serves me well.

Now I buy my headphone / earplugs online for about 20$ and that actually saves me a tremendous amount of time and money but the concept still serves me quite well to this day.

Today at work as my boss was giving me a speech, I could hear the Front Line Assembly song in the background. When I was operating a crane, Entering data on a touch screen, and washing ink off my hands with explosive chemicals, there was music. Sweeping can be fun with a good tune in the background.

Out of all the discoveries in my life, perhaps the effect of music making hard work enjoyable has benefited me the most.

Almost Ended but slowly recovering

After being almost killed in a freak vehicle accident and losing my job because of it, I am slowly starting to recover from the multiple impacts in my life. Being without an income for the period of time it took my ribs and other injuries to heal I have started to venture into a few non-traditional income routes. I have started writing again and finished  my book – Lucid Dreaming & Dream Control.

I have several other things I am working on when I am not at my new job. I have gained employment in a factory that barely warms up my skill set yet I had to go with the options that I had reliable transportation to and from. The company is decent and the entry level position is easy to learn but at my age the biggest challenge is humility. I have to just keep my mouth shut when a 20 year old kid is training me how to run a machine that I could build. Advancement at this company is based on knowledge and not time spent so I do see a great opportunity there.

My long term goal at this point will rely on continued employment to fund my off work projects until the day that those projects bring more funding then the employment and that will trigger a new set of rules. I currently spend a vast amount of my time off work writing and doing research as these are things that require no investment of money while I have greatly limited funds. This leaves me the funds to rebuild by gaining better transport options and recovering from the debt induced by hospital bills and a period of unemployment.

I have been spending a great amount of effort on research into what I can do for low cost and yet reach a goal of having a product or service that is marketable. Apparently this is quite a common idea but from what I have found, the people who put out the effort all eventually succeed. I can write books, design machines, make 3-D models, do artwork, and a vast list of things that will only cost me time. I find a lot of these projects enjoyable and do them without profit in mind anyway so I may as well spend the extra effort to make the products of my time profitable. If all I receive is a learning experience then I still will have gained from my viewpoint.

So after several hours of research and 2 hours of writing, I will soon go work my 12 hour shift so I may continue this routine until one day something will have to work. I have reclassified all the problems into situations and now there is the search for solutions.

All comments and input are welcome.