Sometimes – random words n such

Sometimes when my aura covers a several state area in the electric bubble form drawing energy to me, I can feel the energy being collected as my body hair stands on end. I have noticed that this effect happens the most on low humidity nights with a temperature below about 65. I am fully aware that my perception is abnormal, that is not to say better or worse then most human senses, just different. We all seem to feel a little different from time to time and I am no exception. Apparently feeling different is normal, isn’t that a twist. If everyone is different and different is normal then whats the difference?

I picture my aura as a baby blue field of electric current that the largest bolts connect to my head and torso. The range can be constricted and expanded at will and I usually keep it close to me or buried inside me for fear of attracting attention. I will not go into detail of what attention I may attract here but rather on the fact that with practice I have learned to make it (or imagine it) to expand at my will. The view of the reader may differ greatly from my own but judgement doesn’t really worry me too much or I wouldn’t make this post. I have noticed that the electric aura tends to get some interference from storm clouds in the form of becoming more defined. This increase in definition may be due to positive and negative ions or electrons both of which also effect peoples behavior and serotonin levels, thus the full moon effect and people enjoying thunder storms. I know many such people and the effect of the home ion generators may effect them adversely but well funded research would be needed to prove that theory. Perhaps I just have a touch of “the madness” that the hatter spoke of.

I have recently been accused of a varity of madness by some of the arm chair psychatrist in my friends list whom have gotten most of their experiencs and knowledge while being diagnosed with a wide variety of disorders. However due to the diagnosis I finally have that feeling of fitting in with the 99% of society who is easily diagnosed with such madness and that feeling almost lasted the time it took me to eat a sandwich. Now I consider it a compliment as most of the most famous inventors and grat minds in history were often considered and accused of being mad.

Alice Kingslay (Alice in wonderland: Lewis Carroll):” You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”2012-06-09_15-45-05_295