Almost Ended but slowly recovering

After being almost killed in a freak vehicle accident and losing my job because of it, I am slowly starting to recover from the multiple impacts in my life. Being without an income for the period of time it took my ribs and other injuries to heal I have started to venture into a few non-traditional income routes. I have started writing again and finished  my book – Lucid Dreaming & Dream Control.

I have several other things I am working on when I am not at my new job. I have gained employment in a factory that barely warms up my skill set yet I had to go with the options that I had reliable transportation to and from. The company is decent and the entry level position is easy to learn but at my age the biggest challenge is humility. I have to just keep my mouth shut when a 20 year old kid is training me how to run a machine that I could build. Advancement at this company is based on knowledge and not time spent so I do see a great opportunity there.

My long term goal at this point will rely on continued employment to fund my off work projects until the day that those projects bring more funding then the employment and that will trigger a new set of rules. I currently spend a vast amount of my time off work writing and doing research as these are things that require no investment of money while I have greatly limited funds. This leaves me the funds to rebuild by gaining better transport options and recovering from the debt induced by hospital bills and a period of unemployment.

I have been spending a great amount of effort on research into what I can do for low cost and yet reach a goal of having a product or service that is marketable. Apparently this is quite a common idea but from what I have found, the people who put out the effort all eventually succeed. I can write books, design machines, make 3-D models, do artwork, and a vast list of things that will only cost me time. I find a lot of these projects enjoyable and do them without profit in mind anyway so I may as well spend the extra effort to make the products of my time profitable. If all I receive is a learning experience then I still will have gained from my viewpoint.

So after several hours of research and 2 hours of writing, I will soon go work my 12 hour shift so I may continue this routine until one day something will have to work. I have reclassified all the problems into situations and now there is the search for solutions.

All comments and input are welcome.


Almost Ended

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Recently My story almost came to an end. I have bruised ribs, a busted knee, my car was crushed, and after many hours strapped to a backboard, I got home and discovered I had lost my job.
I was still alive. After getting punched in the face by an airbag during a 100 mile per-hour collision, I was basically ok. My job allowed me to get 3 points (absences or late) during a 3 month period. I have had to go to court for some ongoing issues several times this year and had filled out permission slips that were then approved. I didn’t realize that being ordered to go to court by a judge and having the permission slip approved – i still got a point for each incident.

When I finally got home from the hospital, I checked my E-mail to discover I was fired for attendance. I had only missed work twice (with permission slips) and then the third time was when my car was crushed.

Being that I was without transport, the company I work for offered me a job 20 miles away with a $6 pay-cut. With a lack of transportation, I declined and therefore lost any claim for unemployment.

My lawyer may or may not win the case but has informed me it may be a long time (up to several years). Currently I have several motorcycles that need repair and parts but I may be able to get one running anyway. The Harley needs parts to run correctly and the Honda in unreliable. The temperature here still drops below freezing every night and I don’t really have the gear to ride but can try it anyway.

I am back to square one – sort of. I have tools, skills, computers, and shelter. When I was in similar situations I had none of that but I had a huge network of friends and support (Highlanders).   Here in Wisconsin people are more reserved then in the southern states and in 8 years I have only been invited to hang out with 3 or 4 people. I am in a small town where it seems to me that if you didn’t grow up with the residents – you will always be an outsider. That may be wrong but influenced from my opinion. I have made a few great friends but mostly people seem to keep a distance.
The culture is quite different from the south and people seem to base success on what size truck they drive, the size of their house, size of TV, pay rate, and quantity on the friends list rather then quality of friendships.

I know from experience that I can be happy in a junky trailer park or a mansion but it all depends on the friends and people around me. I don’t judge by income or past experience but instead extend a hand unless I am screwed over. I have limits regarding money and time and have adjusted those by experience but learned not to judge someone unless you extend an effort to get to know them personally.  Rumors and stories don’t matter unless you have seen or heard it. I can take rumors into account and don’t hesitate to confront someone and reveal my source.

Perhaps I am just a bit judgemental but I am just me. I will not try to pretend to fit in and pretend to be what someone else wants. If that is just too much for some people, that is ok with me. I would rather be happy enjoying being meself then pretend to be happy trying to make others happy.

I will be fine. My blog is #1 in its category, My close friends are world class, my book recently gained 10k pages, and most important – even at this low point…..I love being me.

I wish all you who have made it this far – Have an awesome day! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help my friends, and take the time to contact old friends for they may be gone one day.