tapping away

My eyes have to avoid the hypnotic patterns in my media player visualization screen so I do not end up just wasting time staring at it while I have much more productive things I could be doing. I should be editing pictures, Writing another chapter for a book, researching subjects that interest my  or taking an online class. Instead of all the productive things I could be doing I am choosing to write this as an exercise in writing. There is a list of subjects and things for me to do thumb tacked to the wall by my biggest monitor among the forest of things I tack to the wall to keep handy or within my view. There is artwork, bills, reading glasses and computer parts just to name a few of the random items that are forgotten decorations most of the time.


combined technology

I have always tried to combine the technology I can afford to create things out of my financial reach and on occasion have had great success. I have used a webcam and facial recognition software to control a video game recently started using one of my old phones as a touch pad and remote control for my computer. The project of using an office overhead projector as a computer monitor and movie screen in my living room was quite successful and few people I knew at the time had even considered replacing an $800 television with a $500 projector.

I have since upgraded a bit and can play games in 3-D with glasses. My next step on that line is to not need the glasses but that may rely on some technology I am unaware of.  I have had several successes in combining technology for my own personal reasons but there has been failures also. I have had computers almost melt down, phones that I “bricked”(made useless), and broken tools.

Overall I have learned, and that was my goal.

Perhaps the most important goal I have in life is a thirst to understand and learn.

3 am

I lightly tap the faithful touch pad as the pointer comes across the playlist icon on the screen. The data starts to convert to music as the pulsating stream of electrons causes the speakers to vibrate the air into what my personal operating system has labeled music. I find it interesting that my brain converts these sounds back into electrons. It seems there is a lot of energy expended to get the data stream from my device into my brain. If I were to win the lottery I would consider getting the hearing implants with the wires under the skull. Some ECG leads implanted could be useful also but my budget can barely afford to dream of such things. I keep a watch on several emerging technology markets for such things but the affordability and availability seem to always be far out of my reach.